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Robin Hood (b. December 2, 200000 B. C.) was a member of the M-san Bunch, Lady Kluck KlanBarney Bunch and a "swell" son of Danny Cat. He was a swell vigilante for Drewland and robbed the rich homophobes and people who think/thought they are/were gayer than Drew like Mitt Romney, Prince John and  Sir Hiss (both The Humongous Bunch members), Friar Tuck, and Screw Pickles. Like The Quaker Queer, Dick the Clown and Ned Flanders, he never appeared in the original flash videos. He was once forced to live with Maid Marian, his father, treat the both genders the same (requirement to be a member/ally of The Nonsxist Bunch), embrace philogyny and philandry, and to be in The Rusty Group because same sex marriage was banned in the country he lived in. He tried to use all of Maid Marian's Disney DVDs like her Lion King DVD as dildos because he'd get very aroused whenever he watched Disney movies. When he went to Drewland he finally divorced with Maid Marian. Maid Marian was very upset at first, but she has an unswell clone of Robin Hood known as Peter Pan that The Rusty Group made themselves.

April 4, 2014 update

Real Hood.jpg Robin Hood also have the real self like the one on the left.

The Fall of Robin Hood

Aside from being executed by the bisexual Ninetales for treason, this following dialog(ue) should be enough to describe why Robin is no longer one with the Bunches he was among:

Bad News

Danny Cat is closing the Barney Bunch wiki on Shoutwiki. He wrote the complaint on email:

"Can You close the Barney Bunch wiki? The link is

It have obscenity and profane language on all pages."

I intercepted the complaint.

--Robin Hood of the M-san Bunch 20:13, 14 September 2014 (EDT)

Re: Bad News

So let me clarify something: why would you want your own wikis, but especially mine, closed? Mcb1209, TheNintendofan1209, DannyCat1209, RobinHoodForLifeFTW, Mike Bu., (Real) Corneleus Badger, Robin Hood (of the M-san Bunch), whatever you wish to be called, I've witnessed what happened with the Barney Bunch wikias, the first M-san Bunch wikia, the M-san and Multi Bunch shout-wikis (all three), as well as the Betty Bunch and Rusty Group wikias. Previously, I never though you'd want your own wikis closed. Hell, you even got my wikis closed, which I invested 100(0)s of hours into. I got little to nothing in return, and also no longer have AssKicker77, who I miss and loved. What the hell did I do to you to have the wikis closed? I'll never forget how horrifying it was to lose over 100,000 bytes of unsaved information on my Multi Bunch wiki, my most prized wiki of all time. I'm getting suspicious of what's going to happen next...

--MrMark 23:52, 14 September 2014 (EDT)MrMark"

History of Harassing Speakonia Members, Especially MrMark

  • "Robin Hood" is also known to harass Speakonia users such as MrMark on a surprisingly frequent basis. For the full evidence, go here, where he used fake/bot accounts to harass him. This got so bad, the user talk page had to be blanked out.

Known Usernames

  • mcb1209
  • mcb1209 returns
  • mcb1209 VGCP
  • TheNintendofan1209
  • DannyCat1209 (deviantART)
  • RobinHoodForLifeFTW (deviantART: This name actually rips off MrMark's dA username StarfoxFTW.)
  • RobinHoodYes AlejandroNo
  • RobinHoodYes AlejandroNo (mcb1209 RHA)
  • mcb1209 TheNintendofan1209
  • Mike Bu.


  • Stopped TheNintendofan1209 [himself] from hacking people. (Failure)
  • Prank Mark and getting nearly all of his Shout-Wikis at the time deleted (Success)
  • Rip off MrMark and Alex Kimble (Success)
  • Blackmail MrMark in the past (Success/es)


  • Robin Hood is usually voiced by MS Mike, excluding his GoAnimate! videos.
  • He was the oldest M-san Bunch Member, as well as the most overrated canine throughout the M-san Bunch.
  • Sadly, "Real Robin" is still not done with the Barney/M-san Bunches, contrary to a statement(s) from the past.
  • "Robin Hood" is infamous for using bot accounts for the purpose of ban evasion, as stated above.
  • "Robin Hood" seems to have a love-hate relationship with MrMark, although more likely to be pure hatred.
  • He blames alexkimblepoopy for the dislikes on many of his older YouTube videos, while this is actually false.
  • In the summer of 2015, he retired from GoAnimate video making.
  • He has confessed his actual age in the past. (18 at the time, but this number may be obsoleted.)
  • Robin Hood himself is a furry, as confessed in his "Garbage" playlist, which he said, and we quote: "sick pervert even though i'm a furry"
  • Robin Hood [user] is a misandrist who openly resents philandry.