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Yakko, Wakko, and Dot Warner are prominent members of the Barney Bunch, being r*ped by Drew and Stu Pickles every single day. They are a trio of h*mos*xual anthropomorphic animals who always sing about g*y things and g*y people. But the strangest part about them is their physical appearance. They seem to be kids, but they are, in fact, fully grown. They're pretty smug, possibly the most of any member.


Yakko, Wakko, and Dot were born str*ight in the 1930's. They grew up in California, and got sent to the Warner Brothers Studio after this crazy man created them and was already tired of their shenanigans. Every day at the WB Studio, they got into trouble a lot for being little b*stards. Thaddeus Plotz had enough one day and ordered them sent to the Water Tower and locked up. Every few years, they would be released for a while and they screwed their chances of being set free every time. Anyway, the studio was close to the Barney Bunch mansion (and is also believed to be right next to Drewland) and Thaddeus Plotz got many g*y visitors so for some reason the Water Tower was the storage area for LOTS of g*y p*rn. The three Warners were forced to watch it. Being the animals that they are, they decided to watch them all and it turned them seriously g*y g*y g*y and they f*cked each other every 10 hours! Soon they escaped again and started causing more "trouble" as the show Animaniacs told everybody because Kids WB wanted keep the show kid-friendly, but the ugly truth is that they would r*pe every single male in the whole studio lot, including the security officer, Ralph. In an interview, Ralph said "They're crazy r*pists. I try to put them back into the tower but they keep escaping and *ss r*ping more men!" Then he paused for a moment and said "AND ME!" Later in the Warner's lifetime, Drew Pickles came into the studio looking for g*y men to make a porno with him. The Warners tried to r*pe him on sight, but Drew was lightning fast and counter-r*ped them. Yakko Wakko and Dot thought it was the best *nal pleasure they have ever felt, so they asked to go with Drew Pickles. Drew agreed, and as you are reading this, the three Warners are f*cking eachother at the Barney Bunch Mansion.


Yakko- is the leader and is really really really REALLY g*y. He is everyone's favorite out of the three and gets to f*ck guys most often. His d*ck is 140 miles long, not as long as Drew's, but it's still a big d*ck. Sometimes he can't control himself and he will begin to r*pe every male creature near him, kind of like Drew Pickles does. He got his name because of his specialty in f*cking Yaks so hard that it put them to sleep.

Wakko- is a wildly g*y h*mos*xual freak that fantasizes about gay men 24/7. He wishes to have s*x with human males more than Yakko does. When Wakko gets h*rny, his tail gets really stiff and his p*nis comes (hemoha c*ms) out. Wakko got his name because when he was born he was playing with his c*ck. Since he never wears pants, his *ss is easy to get to, and he likes to tails*x himself and use his mallet as a d*al-do.

Dot- is actually a boy, not a girl like the show "Animaniacs" would have you believe. He is also the g*yest one of them all. Dot's real name is F*ggo, the third Warner Brother. The nickname "Dot" is from unknown origin.

Butt-buddies/mutual friends

The Warners had too f*cking many. But here's a small list. *Thaddeus Plotz (Unwillingly R*ped) *Dr. Otto Scratchandsniff (Not technically g*y, but he was in love with them!) *Hello Nurse (SHE'S A HE) *Ralph the Security Guard (This guy actually hates them, but he's been r*ped a million times so you can't blame him...) *Mr. Director (Just take one look at him. He's a big sweaty greasy h*mo.) *Bill Clinton (He liked to shove his sax up their *ss like a d*ldo) *Colin (He tells wild s*x stories about Randy Beaman) *Rita and Runt (A g*y dog and l*sbian cat) *The Mime (For some reason, the Warners confirmed him g*y) *Slappy Squirrel (Don't even get me started) *Minerva Mink (ULTRA LESBIAN) *Mindy and Buttons (Only a h*mos*xual dog has "B*tt-On" in his name. Mindy isn't g*y or l*sbian, she's probably the plainest character in the list.) *Katie-Kaboom (She blows up...I guess?) *Miss Flamiel (Formerly l*sbian. Shoving yard-sticks up people's *ss for 30 years made her realize that L*sbians are disgusting)


Some crazy g*y things happened behind the scenes of a normal episode. Wakko liked to shove his mallet up the antagonist's *ss crack. Yakko liked to f*ck men in the costume room when they dressed up like Batman. Dot was, um, entertaining himself in a closet all the time. But oh god, when they all three got together...everyone ran around like headless chickens trying to escape the r*pe!


The Warners are in very strong rivalry with an old "friend" of theirs, the one and only Looney Tune, Buddy. He thinks he's g*yer than them, Drew Pickles, Barney, and anyone in between. He also wants vengeance on them for stealing his career. He's tried to make up with them many times, but in the end the Warners p*ss him off again. Danny Cat wants them to be clean, but it failed many times.

The Animaniacs G*y Fans FAQ

Question: Do you guys like to use Bill Clinton's Sax as a d*al-do? - Dean (USA) Answer: YES! __________________ Question: Do you guys really have baloney in your slacks, because I'd really like a sandwich <3 - Carlos (Mexico) Answer: Yes, we do! And we'll have a sandwich f*ck with you for 134 hours like hahahahahahahahaha! __________________ Question: What would you say if I came to you naked? - Edgar (UK) Answer: "You're on top!" __________________ Question: I really wanna f*ck Wakko. So will you let me? - Boris (Russia) Answer: We come (hemoha c*m) in a package. But Wakko can have you the longest. ___________________ Question: Do you three f*ck other furries too, or just yourselves? - James (Canada) Answer: We mostly like to f*ck eachother! But when we feel we want some more we call up every one we know! Want to join us? ___________________ Question: Why are you guys so perverted and s*xy here but on the show you were just troublemaking brats that people wished they could strangle? - Paul (Ireland) Answer: Because you're a s*xy f*ggot. ___________________ Question: So who are your real parents...? Wouldn't they be ashamed at how g*y you guys turned out? - Alexander (Sweden) Answer: Well, we say that our parents are pencils. But since we are living breathing entities that like to f*ck every male in our eyesight, then we'd probably go with what "Wakko's Wish" had you thinking. And no they weren't, because they were big h*mos too.

Cancellation of "Animaniacs"

This h*mophobe named Jaime found out that Yakko, Wakko, and Dot were really g*y, so he got a bunch of lawyers and cancelled that show. Then, their first public p*rno, called "Wakko's Wish to Suck Drew's B*ner" came out in 1999; it was so swell.