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Yogi Bear is both an ally and an enemy of The Barney Bunch and is also apart of a group known as The Hanna-Barbera Bunch which was created by MrCaptainJeff. He has a cock that is 1,000 miles. He is also very masochistic and uses sharp objects as dildos like axes, hot irons, swords, meat cleavers, knives, and picnic baskets full of shark teeth (any more listed and this may likely get taken down). He also likes to rape Booboo Bear everyday. There are also clones like Nega, Female, and Brony Yogi Bear. He also hates Cindy Bear, so he made her join The Fergo Bunch, especially since she has AIDS.


  • Yogi masturbates to The Pain Olympics, 2 Guys 1 Stump, 3 Guys 1 Hammer, 1 Guy 1 Jar, 1 Guy 2 Spoons, national tragedies, snuff films, and many other sick things.
    • Unsurprisingly, most of these things can be found on shock sites, none of which should be linked to.
  • Yogi has a product called "Yogi Bear's Anal Blood Pies", which tend to have anal blood, razor blades, rusty nails, and a lot more painful things in even one bite.
    • Yogi, due to his heavily racist, outdated 1960s views, he uses minorities' dried up blood as the crust for the pies, hence why he's an alleged racist.
      • This factor alone is why he'll never be among the Nonsexist Bunch.