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http://static1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20130611194655/sonic/images/a/ae/Deadly_Six_ZOR.png Striking a somewhat sexy pose.

"Only the Reaper wins in the end."

  • Born: October 20th, 1901
  • Height: 2 ft 7.5 Inches
  • Weight: 30.9 pounds
  • IQ: 269

Zor is a major member of The Barney Bunch, and he is also the most depressed member. He is also one of the Deadly Six. Zor can be classified under the category Pure Evil, due to the fact that he can use dark powers and abilities none of the other Barney Bunch members would use. Just by a look at his hair, his nails, or the rose that he has, indicates that he is g*y. He also uses his rose as a d*ldo and loves the sharp pointy pain. He claims that his heart is especially black and fattening.

Early Life

He was taught from Master Zik, and much like him, Zor became a member of The Barney Bunch, while the other Deadly Six had their own flaws, Zor was the "perfect" member. At school though, he and his shadow clones would rape the male students and teachers, while the shadow clones would kill females, and feed the blood and guts to Zazz. When he turned 9, he gained the ability to fly, and loved to play the "I'm going to skin you alive game." Let's just say, that it wasn't pretty. Unlike Pube Muppet, he uses force, which is probably how he gets satisfaction and how Pube Muppet doesn't. (Pubey, if you're listening, take notes!) He witnessed Drew Pickles being born, and was one of his first butt buddies. Zor, however was straight at the time. Straight as a rainbow.


Zor would be a favored member of The Barney Bunch, if it weren't for his masochistic issues. He loves to give bad news, and inflict pain onto himself. He would love to get Death's cold embrace, except he can't due to him, r*ping people at establishments, and r*ping all the owls that he can find, since they are his "favorite" butt buddies, other than The Necromancer, Sonic (to a degree), and Master Zik. He loves to rub his p*bic hairs onto his p*nis. His c*ck, like the other Deadly Six members is long, his at 12,000,069 miles long, which is the largest Barney Bunch c*ck ever recorded, (Not counting the Painters, we don't know it's length.) however, he turned down the Humongous Bunch, because he didn't think they inflicted enough pain onto people. Not only this, his c*ck makes the Humongous Bunches c*cks look like dust mites!! He joined as a major member, due to him owning the biggest c*ck in The Barney Bunch.

How is he an idiot and a smart member?

Good question. Well, he is an idiot for being such a masochist, and is smart for having the ability to harness dark magic. Also, for creating new organisms out of darkness. Also, having Aspergers Syndrome ain't easy for him, which is one of the reasons, in which why he is so depressed. Gaining the ability to fly, also helps in the smart category. Another stupid thing that he does is that he shoves ice into his a**. He hates the g*y Creepypasta gang, because he feels that they don't give enough pain to people.