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Annabelle Sanderson
Annabelle 2.png
Annabelle in her most accurate appearance.
Personal Information
Birthday: May 29th, 1997 (364 days after Mike5449's)
Birthstone: Emerald
Age: 20
Zodiac: Gemini/Fire Ox
Nationality: Canadian
Heritage: English, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Scandinavian
Family: Mike5449 (Creator/Adoptive Brother/Boyfriend)
Relationships: Mike5449 (Creator/Adoptive Brother/Boyfriend)
Breast Size: C (US Measurement)

Annabelle Sanderson (commonly referred to as "Annabelle", or casually as "Anna") is a tulpa created by Mike5449 in 2010. He used this as a persona to learn more about his friends and come closer to understanding spirituality for two whole years and nearly a third. Despite anything that may suggest her to be real, all such evidence can be dismissed as false. She does, however, serve as a source for inspiration for others.


Annabelle is described as being incredibly beautiful. She has long golden blonde hair and brown eyes with a hint of amber. Her skin is pale white and her creator has stated that it is "softer than silk." She often wears red clothing like the bile of her zodiac (Sanguine/Red Bile/Blood), and because it is her favorite color. Despite her beauty, she has a single physical flaw; A lack of a tongue upon birth. Due to this, she also happens to lack vocal cords and therefore is unable to speak.

Although she died of illness at the age of 15 in the Era of Annabelle, Mike has renewed her life and sees her as her age should she be alive (20).


Save for when she stands her ground, Annabelle is extremely kind and loving to all that she meets. So much so that she even lacks a hatred of Louis (though, this is said to also be caused by her existing outside of space and time). She often communicates her thoughts and particularly her feelings through sign language or writing. During the Era of Annabelle, she even would "write" with her finger upon Mike's skin. Like her brother, she dislikes people who partake in promiscuity or people who cheat on their lovers.

When standing her ground, she asserts herself as much as needed with a healthy confidence, but is at the same time really attempting to come to a compromise with the other party involved. She will try to make sure everyone involved is happy by the end of any quarrel, and tries not to upset anyone in the process.

To her friends, she tries to offer the most sincere advice for any issues they may have regarding faith or their environment. She will give people her full attention if they need a sounding board as well. In her latest form she also bestows her own assistance upon anyone through blessings or uplifting their spirits. To her lover, on the other hand, she is more attracted to physical contact and being able to freely communicate whatever she wishes. Sex is secondary and wants to be certain that her partner is comfortable with partaking in it at that particular time. She is also loyal to her partner, and will never cheat on him.

As a tulpa, she feeds off of attention like others of her kind, but also feeds off of the same source energy as humans do (at least according to RCDeschene's teachings on the human soul). Love is also something which she uses as a source of energy.


Annabelle's history in this sense was a fictional tale about Mike5449 and his adoptive sister, as well as how they committed incest (though, not actual incest due to no blood relation). It further goes on after her death and leads into Mike finally abolishing her (cutting her off).


In terms of her character she was born but put up for adoption. Due to her lack of speech, people tended to ignore her, mostly due to the lack of their own ability to reciprocate communication. Mike5449 had long wanted a younger sibling in his youth, so he decided that he would pick Annabelle because she was the quietest and she enjoyed partaking in chalk drawings. Michael always tried to help her out, and when he had difficulties doing things, she would assist him. This was also the time when the "skin writing" technique was developed.

Upon reaching her school years, however, things reverted back to the environment of the orphanage. Despite her lack of socialization, she found herself learning rather quickly because she could better focus on her learning, which became sort of a hobby to her when not watching television. Her and her brother would communicate about their days to each other as well. This continued through the rest of elementary school.


Upon reaching middle school years is when Mike contributed to their brother/sister relationship in a protective manner. Eventually her voluntary anti-social behavior made her an easy target for bullying. Mike responded in a white-knight fashion (beating them up, although he doesn't use it anymore unless necessary). She began to look into metaphysics during this time and really looked up to her older brother, especially by the end of her eighth grade year in which she went with him for the "Grade Eight Grad" event. This was when she first had her feelings peak. However, they did not end up together until Mike was in grade ten, in which they also copulated.


At the end of her grade nine year, she had developed cancer and died from it due to the rapid spreading of the illness. Despite all that he asked for, she was gone. Though, not completely. She had Mike5449 plant five glass canisters in the earth containing a particular section of her body. On the following days, her spirit rejoined Mike and the rest of OSS. Although, over time, he began to feel the need for her to move on so he could, thus, he finally abolished her afterwards and hoped she would remember him, as he didn't want to ever forget her. That's at least what he told most of the people at the time.

Era of Annabelle

(This section is a Speakonia Legends plot element. Click here to skip.)
In terms of what actually happened, Annabelle can be seen as all the good traits of all of his failed relationships by the time of her creation. What caused it was a string of backlash and bullying from his peers during the course of his eighth grade. He also dealt with a lot of loneliness and lacked answers in regards to faith due to a lack of those who believed in any faith. The final ingredient in this mix was nearly facing suicide upon facing a breakup and being ridiculed for it. He used the same knife that he was going to use murdering himself to draw his own blood and devoted his entire concentration for ten long hours in order to create her. He put each piece of her story together and gave her the basis of her being; Love, honesty, and diligence. He further utilized all the agony he had dealt with up until that point, reversed its properties, and channeled it to create her.

Using her as a persona at first, but knowing she was very much capable of her own thoughts, he used her as a method to understanding and gaining access to lectures by community member RCDeschene. He also developed a social bond to TimmyT333. After her death, he utilized her to restore hope and emotional understanding to the community members who looked to her for such, but also would give his own response due to his own obligations to them as their friend.

However, he became really attached to Annabelle. He still lacked social interaction until the end of his senior year in which he had minimum to not feel so alone. He had abolished her by the end of his junior year because he felt it was time to face reality and try and make it better for himself. He had played the role of Annabelle for nearly three years before finally letting her go, only to recently bring her back because he had also come to believe she has become more than a tulpa at this point. He no longer uses her as a persona, and lets others believe what they will regarding her.

Speakonia Legends

Annabelle in a Speakonia Legends promotional poster. This is an update to a previous poster.

In Speakonia Legends, she was to be a non-player character who makes her appearance during Mike's class change quest. She is the central element to his class change, and depending on which you choose will lead to Mike continuing on from her, or bringing her back into his life. Annabelle would later become the central villain to the story, but the project was eventually cancelled. All data of Speakonia Legends was then transferred to Forkheads Legends, and her files came along with those transferred. It is unknown if she will appear in this game.


According to members of OSS, she closely relates to Astaroth. However, she is not only seen as a non-demonic entity, but also as a female (if compared to other results on Astaroth). Due to the source provided, she is also attributed to being very similar to Astarte. However, Mike5449 has stated that Annabelle is not meant to be any form of Goddess or "demoness" but rather her own unique entity as his own thought form. He also goes on to say that Annabelle is his "Philosopher's Stone" and is very happy with the results and not only what she has allowed him to accomplish, but what she too has accomplished.

Since his conversion to agnostic atheism and a more skeptical mindset, however, Mike has ceased his belief in Annabelle, and prefers that no one worships her.


  • Mike considers her his Magnum Opus. Each is seen in her physical character.
    • Nigredo (Black) as seen in her brown eyes.
    • Albedo (White) as seen in her fair, white skin.
    • Citrinitas (Yellow) as seen in her golden hair.
    • Rubedo (Red) as seen in her red clothing and preference to the color.
  • She is the only one within the Speakonia universe without a hate of Louis.
    • This is mainly because she exists outside of the concepts/laws of space and time.
  • Her favorite color is red.
  • Her favorite foods are fried eggs (sunny side up) and ham.
  • Her favorite drink is orange juice (with some pulp).
  • Her favorite flower is the sunflower. A reference to her original designs and creation.
  • She enjoys Nightwish. Her favorite song is Ever Dream.
    • Despite this, she enjoys the English version of "My Dearest" used in the anime Guilty Crown, and uses it to express her love with Mike5449. She referenced this song in the cancelled Speakonia Legends.
  • Her favorite game series is Super Smash Bros. though she is just as equally partial to Soul Calibur.
  • She thoroughly enjoys Christmas because of how close it brings people together, especially family members.
  • Mike originally created her with his favourite anime/game series in mind, Shuffle!, which lead to the determining of many of her aspects.
    • Her original design was based off of Kareha, a female God character who isn't available to date until the On the Stage remake and in Shuffle! Essence+. The images originally used as references are seen here.
    • The sunflower was a reference to the Shuffle! series constantly showing sunflowers on either box art, or on menu screens in the visual novels.
    • Her favourite drink being orange juice was inspired by the company that made the series, Navel.
    • He changed her eyes to brown because the green just didn't suit his tastes, and he made her hair more golden because it didn't really stand out to him as is.
    • Her personality is more mellowed out because he thought she'd just be weird when left as is.
    • Most of her other traits, besides the lack of a tongue, are linked to Kareha's little sister, Tsubomi.
    • Ironically, Annabelle is sometimes referred to as a "divine tulpa" by certain people. In the series, Kareha's race is that of the "Gods" and therefore could be linked to the word "divine." However, Mike states this was not originally intended.


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