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Baloo is a member of The Barney Bunch. He's considered to be the gayest bear in the world along side with Winnie the Pooh (also known as Wienie/Weenie the Pooh) and, previously, Little John. He also personally doesn't believe that Yogi Bear or Fatty Bear are gayer than Drew. He likes to eat almost anything that he can get his paws on (even cacti). He also likes to have Shere Khan (also known as Skeet Khan for having multiple orgasms) swipe his claws on his balls to feel the wonderful pain and it feels so good. His best butt buddy is obviously Mowgli. Since Mowgli and Baloo hang around with each other they have both become flaming faggots. He has many butt buddies like Tarzan, George of the Jungle, Kaa, Colenal Hathi and all of his male elephants, King Louie and all of his male Monkeys, Shere Khan (he's secretly gay), The male wolves, Rocky the Rhino (a character in The Jungle Book that never made it past the storyboard), and any male Jungle Animals. Baloo also likes to use every single palm tree, rocks from King Louie's palace, and bananas as dildis. Baloo also makes sure that The Pube Muppet never gets in their jungle, because once Pube Muppet went to the Jungle and King Louie had a caveman tell him that The Jungle Book is not gay when he tried to get in their jungle.


  • Baloo has a tickle fetish.
  • When you scratch his fur, Baloo will moan pleasurably.
  • Baloo loves ticklish scratching.
  • Baloo's penis is an above average length of 13 inches to 169 inches, although his libido plays a huge role in this.