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And a right one he gonna be! -Quote from him.

Cajun Fox is a member of the Barney Bunch. He got r*ped very hard by Drew Pickles in 1974; this is why his eyes are so messed up. He has had quite a few incidents, despite being lucky 99/100% of the time at the Drewland Casino. He's an ally of the M-san Bunch, who has Fox McCloud as an M-san Bunch approved "mate" for him.

Early Life

Cajun Fox was born on November 13th 1969. When he was born, the doctor thought he was the cutest organism on Earth. They soon found out he had a speed r*pe ability, since he r*ped the doctor. He could run fast, and is a lucky, crafty creature, since he r*ped every baby in the hospital. When he was 9, he was expelled from school for making Cajun Girl Stew. His quote was, "Yucky Girl Trash Stew is not for you!" He and Katz became b*tt buddies, after he got saved from getting r*ped by a female.


Cajun Fox is the greatest chef who ever lived! Not to mention, he is also a cop/policeman, taxi driver, pilot, and construction worker of Drewland. His minions are Egg Pawns, since they can cook too, although not as good as Cajun Fox. Katz, Gourmand, Egg Pawns, Goletts, The Painter, and Cofagrigus. He is rivals with Ronald P*nis Clown McDonald, since they both make swell food! He cooks both swell and unswell foods. Swell foods; he shoves up his *ss. Unswell foods; he feeds to test subjects. The main downside is that he isn't very bright, and once shoved a bomb up his *ss. He hates Chuck E Cheese, who has occasionally ruined his food, and is also very annoying to him. He is amazing in the Drewland Olympics, mostly in the speed category. His newest enemy is Marcel Toing who is too stupid to not notice Cajun Fox when food stealing is involved. Currently, he's planning to catch Belldandy so he can turn her into Cajun Goddess Stew. However, he had little success in doing so.


  • P*be Muppet Stew
  • S*it and c*m macaroni and cheese
  • Hot cross Darumaka Droppings
  • Flaming Yon (with more sh*t)
  • Gold sh*t nuggets (Cofagrigus' favorite.)
  • Krabby Patties
  • Carrot Clock Cake
  • The cake that was a lie
  • The cake that wasn't a lie
  • Barbarian delight
  • Poopy Pies (learned from Drew)
  • Peanut b*tts
  • Oink oink Pigs
  • Go Man-Yogurt
  • Ratatouille
  • Ratatoing