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Classic Robotnik Claus.png

Classic Robotnik Claus (sometimes abbreviated to CRC) is an androgynous member of the Barney Bunch. He is an openly bisexual male transvestite who has a huge pair of lactating man-boobies. He loves to dress in drag, although he gets even more enjoyment out of having gay sex with Modern RobotnikClaus. Nonetheless, CRC spends a lot of his time masturbating to gay porn featuring the incestuous Rai and Entei of the M-san and Nonsexist Bunches. Like Modern RobotnikClaus, he is blacklisted by the Nonsexist Bunch for various reasons. In CRC's case, racism [especially antisemitism], pedophilia, kidnapping, necrophilia, and coprophilia are just a few of the reasons why he's blacklisted.