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Donald "Dumb Donald" Harris (b. May 23, 1973 - d. July 23, 2015) was a member of the Barney Bunch and one of the gayest African-Americans in the world. He was famous for starring in many gay pornos; he made his first porno, Dumb Donald Fucks Mushmouth, on August 7, 1989. Lots of people in Drewland found both his pink ski mask and green sweater very sexy. He used to be a member of the Junkyard Gang until Fat Albert kicked both him and Mushmouth out because they kept raping Russell (you could say they had no class). Despite his nickname, Donald wasn't really dumb; he was actually one of the smartest characters in the Barney Bunch. He had an IQ of 280. He also enjoyed masturbating over He-Man action figures, in fact, He-Man was actually one of Donald's gay sex idols (the others being Drew Pickles and Guan Yu). However, despite his enthusiasm, Donald never managed to join the He-Man Woman-Haters Club (or as he called it, the He-Man No-Woman-Allowed Club). He also worked at McDonalds, where he made super-swell poopy burgers every day. In his free time, Donald wrote and performed swell grunge songs that made even Kurt Cobain green with envy. Tragically, on July 23, 2015, Dumb Donald was kidnapped and stabbed to death at a Burger King restaurant by The Straight King, who filmed the whole execution and sent the video to the Barney Bunch via e-mail.