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Eurodance was a very popular form of music among the enemies of the Barney Bunch. It was popular around the same time grunge was popular (early to mid 90s). Though they may seem positive on the outside, they are very hateful and evil towards the Barney Bunch. The dreams of most eurodance groups is to kill Ripper Roo and the C-3PO Fag bot, who was said to "start" this incident at Walmart. Most Eurodance singers tend to be part of the Censored Bunch and Waternoose Incorporated. This genre is the top genre on Rainbow Road radio stations besides glam metal.

Known Eurodance groups/artists

  • Captain Hollywood Project
  • Mr. President
  • Aqua
  • Masterboy
  • Real McCoy
  • Vengaboys
  • La Bouche
  • Cartoons
  • Captain Jack
  • Rednex
  • Eiffel 65
  • The Cheeky Girls
  • Fun Factory
  • O-Zone
  • Günther
  • Snap!
  • Corona