Fred Figglehorn

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"Hey, it's Freeeeed!"

Fred Figglehorn (b. 1993) is a bisexual member of The Spa-Dinner Bunch. You see, he was once in love with Judy, who is actually an anti-gay and anti-bisexual, loathsome bitch among The Nega-Fergo Bunch. But when she forced him to join The Humongous Bunch, he kept shitting himself from the fear of her castrating him even more! Sure enough, Fred was a sex slave of the Humongous Bunch, and had his dick lit on fire until it was a stubby micro-penis. Because of this, Grover got a hold of him, since Fred was kicked out of the Humongous Bunch for having a "penis" shorter than 5,000 miles. Grover treated him much better, but Fred had grown fond of Drew Pickles, which angered Grover. Thus, Fred was kicked out again. Fred tried joining The Barney Bunch, The M-san Bunch, and the Lady Kluck Klan, but none of them wanted to be ear-raped by his child-like voice. Weegee, however, raped him until he joined The Spa-Dinner Bunch. His only sex partners are Malleo, Weegee, and Amy the Squirrel (with the latter most being an M-san Bunch member).

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