General Woundwort

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General Woundwort is a member of The Nega-Barney Bunch and Nega M-san Bunch. He's the world's most homophobic rabbit and the main villian in "Watership Down". He's very bloodthirsty and often has killed other rabbits that don't follow him. He also has had a huge fight with Bigwig, where they bit each other and scratched each other. His followers are Captain Campion, Vervain, and Blackavar (Kinda, Blackavar's Bisexual).

Reactions from Others

  • "Bloody hell, that is one ugly bunny!" ~Lord Otohime, M-san Bunch
  • "What's the deal about those eyes and scars; does he have myxomatosis or something?" ~Renji Abarai, M-san Bunch