Heinrich Himmler

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Heinrich Himmler (b. October 7, 1900) is a major member of the Barney Bunch. Originally the Reichsfuhrer of the SS until 1945, he also loved looking at other Nazi leaders and SS officers. Before joining the Nazi party, Himmler loved his roosters as a chicken farmer. He loved them so much that he'd rape them for more than half of the day. In 1929, he became the Reichsfuhrer of Germany by his locker room fantasy Adolf Hitler. Himmler described Hitler as a "dreamy man who has a nice ding dong". As the Nazi party built up, Himmler's gayness started to grow. He became in love with many other leaders like Goebbels, Streicher, and Goring. On April 29, 1945, he was kicked out of the Nazi party after being caught raping thousands of SS soldiers and one of them warning Hitler about the serial rapings of Himmler. He said that "Himmler was not the ideal Aryan leader I thought he would be. He is rather a big sissy faggot who rapes roosters and soldiers". Goring said that the reason why Himmler probably joined the Nazi party was because he had too much gay love. Himmler did not actually die on May 23, 1945. In fact, he moved to America to make pornos for the public. He met Drew Pickles in 1983 after shooting multiple pornos to be released in gay theaters, specifically, the Great Drewland Theater. In 2000, he became a Drewland Senator.