Henry J. Waternoose

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Henry J. Waternoose is an enemy of The Barney Bunch and is the CEO of Waternoose Incorporated (he is also former CEO of Monsters Incorporated). He was not considered a threat to the Barney Bunch until he and his cronies bombed the second largest d*ldo factory in Drewland.

Conflict With Drewland

Since bombing the d*ldo factory and invading Swellington, Waternoose has been banned from Drewland and the Qu**r Military has been trying to attack the F*ggots Incorporated headquarters ever since. Waternoose has not confirmed anything about the company's activity yet. It is rumored that he is planning an attack soon, but the military is prepared.


On 9/27/2014, Stu Pickles sole-scrubbed Waternoose to death. His body was later found on the side of a road in Drewland-occupied Bettyland. The videotape is to be released soon.