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"Welcome to the Katz Dildis bank. I'm Katz. NO DOGS ALLOWED."


Katz is a member of The Barney bunch. He is known for hating dogs (with Clifford, Bolt, and Balto being notable exceptions), and for calling enemies, homophobes, women (outside of the M-san Bunch), and other unswell organisms "dogs", even if they are cats. He normally owns a good 30% of the establishments in Drewland. His butt buddies are Cajun Fox and Golett. Why Golett? They are his minions. He always challenges one of his victims to a game before they die; only for the unswell ones, though. He's also a former member of The Honry Gang before both The Horny Gang and The Humpy Dumpy Clan went to The Barney Bunch. He left, due to the fact that a majority of them hated spiders. He loves to rape spiders, with his 139 mile long cock. His main speciality is to scam unswell people, even M-san Bunch enemies!