Kousuke Kira

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Kousuke Kira is the lone enemy of Barney bunch and a former member of Waternoose Incorporated. Kousuke killed all the remaining Waternoose Incorporated employees. Before forming his new empire, he recruited evil children who needs to rule earth for their selves.


Kōsuke is sadistic, as evidenced by his cruelty towards his opponents and his massacre of frogs in his debut chapter. When Sōichi Natsume asks how he can't feel any empathy towards animals, his response is that he doesn't understand such value towards small animals. His lack of empathy, as well as his delinquent childhood, may be the result of living with his extremely abusive father, whom he is cowed by.


After Henry J. Waternoose died by sole-scrubbed from Stu Pickles, all the employees were killed (excluding members of Waternoose Incorporated.) Kousuke attempt to assassinate Drew Pickles. But then, he got caught by Mac Tonight and was locked away in Drewland state prison.

Escape later with his tiny bombs and leave Drewland unnoticed. He conquered the dilapidation island and called it "New Neverland".