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Lola Bunny is a member of The Betty Bunch. She used to be heterosexual and in love with Bugs Bunny, until she found out he was gay. She is now a bitchy bunny who wants to to get her revenge on Bugs Bunny. She is also the first bisexual among the Betty Bunch, despite the Betty Bunch usually rejecting bisexual females. Of course, she's forbidden from becoming a Nonsexist Bunch ally, along with being unable to have sex with male rabbits in order to maintain her Betty Bunch membership. What shies other Betty Bunch members away from her is the fact that she neither condones misandry, nor condemns philandry. Applebloom (abstinent member), Rarity (bisexual, philandric dress maker), and Trixie (bisexual philandrist who happens to be the erogenous zone queen of the group) are the only other Betty Bunch members to share this, with the former-most obviously refusing to have sex with anyone.