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Luigi (b. January 14, 1973) is a really really really g*y plumber, brother of Mario who is str*ight and hates h*mos*xuals, Luigi is Severus Snape's swell boyfriend and they go on swell adventures together. What's also swell is that Luigi's voice is high-pitched, kinda like in Super Smash Brothers Melee. Luigi finds it rather s*xy when Snape says "Turn to Page 394". Luigi often enjoys watching g*y movies with Snape and listening to g*y singers like Austin Mahone, Luigi's favorite movies are, G*ytanic (G*y version of Titanic), The Swell King (G*y version of The Lion King), The Swan Drew (G*y version of The Swan Princess) and Hairy Peter (Gay version of Harry Potter, Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape have starred in it). He's also stared in his favorite movies. He also made a cameo in R*pe-em Drew (G*y version of Wreck-It Ralph).

Game franchise.

Luigi later gained his own swell franchise of video games, the "Swell Luigi Bros." series, it is different from the "Super Mario Bros." series. As they star Luigi and Snape, rather than Mario and Luigi. Here is the list of games:

Swell Luigi Bros.: 2010

Swell Luigi Bros. 2: 2010

Swell Luigi Bros. 3: 2010

Swell Luigi Land: 2010

Swell Luigi Land 2: 6 P**py Coins: 2010 Swell Luigi World: 2011 Swell Luigi 64: 2011 Swell Luigi G*ylaxy: 2011 New Swell Luigi Bros. DS/Wii: 2011/2012 Swell Luigi G*ylaxy 2: 2012

Relationship with Mario.

Ever since Luigi came out of the closet to Mario, Mario has HATED him since, Mario has been a h*mophobe all his life and he has been following his Christian beliefs. Luigi tries to make Mario see, but Mario just won't listen. Mario would then g*y-bash Luigi anytime Luigi ever came to Mario's house.