Marioville Walmart Incident

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The Marioville Walmart Incident was an incident happening on July 3, 1992 when Ripper Roo and C-3PO Fag-bot dressed up as boxes, also wearing tights, forcing Walmart cashiers to play the newly popularized grunge music. They rejected and one told them "People still like hair metal, and it's only you that hate this type of music. Grow up". Ripper Roo and C-3PO Fag-bot got angry, so they decided to kick the cashier out using their massive 250 mile long cocks. After that, they terrorized the Walmart as well as knocking out the power lines for the town, causing the town to be out of electricity for a whole month. This story got a lot of Drewland attention and was taken seriously, even though Ripper Roo didn't live in Drewland yet. This incident was also featured on the Drewland news for four days in a row, and was the biggest story on most Drewland newspapers. Grunge was played more often in Drewland radio stations, and Ripper Roo himself created a radio station later on in the year.