Mr. Wooden Alligator

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Mr. Wooden Alligator.jpg

Mr. Wooden Alligator (makemebad35 Character, abbreviated initials "MWA", b. 1988) is a bisexual member of the Barney Bunch. He is known to stalk homophobes and sodomize them, sometimes eat their genitalia and then proceed to skin them alive. The reason why he does this is because he wants to kill homophobic bigots who defy the Barney Bunch. Seeing as he is an extremist for male LGBTs' rights, he is sometimes seen as a swell member, despite the fact that he's bisexual. Strangely, he loves porn with reptilian creatures, especially gay reptilian porn. His best butt buddy is Gex the Gecko.


  • MWA sometimes urinates and/or defecates on his butt buddies' faces.