Naruto Uzumaki

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Naruto "Shit-for-Brains" Uzumaki (pro. naw-roo-toe oo-zoo-mah-key; b. October 10, 1991) is a member of The Barney Bunch. His goal is to become the gayest Hokage in the universe, and Drew Pickles' right hand guard. It took him a while to join, though. He loves making sex toys out of cigarettes, because the odor makes him want to cum VERY badly. However, he hasn't successfully sold any of his sex toys. Because he smokes, The M-san Bunch is extremely reluctant to have him be in the meetings. He also idolizes Kotaro Fuma and he aspires to be a great gay ninja like him, but he still has a long way to go. 


"...become Hokage!"

"Believe it!"

"Screw the Ninja RULES, I have lung cancer!"

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