Pube Cookie Monster

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P be Cookie Monster.jpg
Pube Cookie Monster is a member of The Pube Gang and the father of all of the Pubes. He was created by accident while Danny Cat is on the toilet. He first gave birth to Pube Muppet while watching Alvin and the Chipmunks; he was mad that Theodore and Eleanor were heterosexual and kissing each other. He was so mad, that he had to take a shit in his bowl; after he took a shit, he was planning on eating it, but then he noticed a baby inside the bowl. Pube Cookie Monster named him Pube Muppet since Kermit was already taken. He went to a gay hospital to examine Pube Muppet, and they told him that the rest of the babies who were coming out, he had to get surgery, because he was not allowed to have homosexual satisfaction because of Danny Cat. The doctor also said that Pube Muppet or the rest of his children (that also includes the later Pube Fanboy, Pube Bird, and Pube Bunny as well) also could not have homosexual satisfaction. When Pube Cookie Monster turned old, he had to go to a female nursing home, because the police and government would not let him go to a male nursing home to rape all of the old men there.