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"Hello my good man, I am the Pube Muppet."

The Pube Muppet is partle an enemy of the Barney Bunch although sometimes an ally. He is a Kermit the Frog head that has a lot of scribbled hair around his head that resembles pubic hair. He and the rest of the Pube Gang don't really like Barney Bunch, because they get all of the homosexual satisfaction and The Pube Gang never gets any because he's not allowed to have homosexual satisfaction. The reason why Drew won't rape him is that Drew knows Pube Muppet would love it. He and the rest of his family are sometimes sick masochists who love to get hurt and will masturbate to the pain. He has an IQ of 51. He particularly likes to have things squish, chop off, or crush his penis. He has a hidden ability to turn others into pubies, or give people Pube Muppet Cancer. His nuclear bombs emit Pube Muppet fart radiation! After he leaves an establishment, the person will say that it's up his ass. Pube Muppet in one video, said that he is jealous of Drew, and all of the satisfaction that he gets. Not only this, he has a short attention span. Pube Muppet currently lives with his Pube Family including his gay husband Pube Disney who never gets any satisfaction either.


He was able to hack into 'MSB 95', but only got: "MSB 95 server is currently under maintenance.", along with Mother 3 music playing. Thus, even MSB 95 never gives him satisfaction. Where is this fun fact from? On Saint Patrick's Day of 2014, Pube Muppet hacked into 'MSB 95' again, this time risking receiving heterosexual satisfaction. Evidence here