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Ripto is a major member of the Barney Bunch. He likes having *rg*sms with Spyro, Ripper Roo, Drew Pickles, Barney, Ronald McDonald, D*ck the Clown, and many other Barney Bunch members. He could sometimes be referred as the P*n*s Sorcerer. He likes using his ruby stick and ruby pendant as dildis. He also has a few slaves that work for him.

Ripto's Sex Slaves


Crush is a really g*y blue rhynoc who has two horns he use as d*l**s, and also jacks off to men with a club that has a spike on it.


Gulp is green rhynoc who also has two horns he use as d*l**s. He also has two guns in which he could shoot any homophobes and scare people banned from Drewland away.

Ripto's s** slaves