Rusty Raccoon

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Rusty Raccoon is a h*mop*obic member of The Rusty Group. His friends are Rosy Raccoon and Chester Bennington. He extremely hates the Barney Bunch and The M-San Bunch.

Why Did he make The Rusty Group?

It all started with a preimere of G*ys Don't Dance in the city of Drewland City with Rusty, Rosy, Chester Bennington, Danny Cat, P*be Muppet, Rodney Raccoon, Yogi Bear, Drew Pickles, Chuck E Cheese, Parental Advisory Sticker, and Cornelius Badger seeing G*ys Don't Dance. The Painter, as usual, was filming this event. Rodney Raccoon pressured Rusty and Chester Bennington to make them join. Drew Pickles and Danny Cat to join Yogi Bear and Kill Rosy Raccoon and Parental Advisory Sticker. Rusty, Rosy Raccoon, Parental Advisory Sticker, Chester Bennington and Danny Cat escaped from Drew Pickles, Yogi Bear and P*be Muppet. When they saw Beauty Minnie, Wendy's Logo and Peter Pan(Robin Hood) they would see what would happen. Then Rusty said that Drew Pickles, P*b* Muppet and Yogi Bear Tried to make them their members. Then At Chicago, They decided to make The Rusty Group a.k.a. Rusty and Rosy and Friends.

Rusty's Unswell Gallery