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Sawyera (larger version) is a country north of Drewland. It has 47 states in Sawyera.


In 1897, the king of England sent Arab Danny and Arab Sawyer to find empty water near Morocco. The king built the ship for them with other Arabs to go find water. They knew that the perfect place for thier country called Sawyera Arabia. In 1900, they made only 4 areas, Free Land, Rüssmiêstær, Arabic States and Medival Area. In 1906, Arab Danny and Arab Sawyer let the English, Ducth, Arabic and Hindis to control the land. In 1916, When the world is at war, The country became central power. In 1919, The war is over and Sawyerics surrenders. In 1924, It was the mass hit for imports. In 1930, they divided Rüssmiêstær with The Indies, which made 5 areas. In 1938, the world is at war again, The “Sawyerics” is war with the axis powers. In 1942, Italy and Sawyera Arabia surrenders. In 1945, Germany and Japan surrenders. In 1958, Arab Danny and Arab Sawyer are on a lookout for Drew Pickles because he is making his own country in 10 years. 10 years Later, Drew Pickles created Drewland, causing the U.S. and Sawyera Arabia Go to war with Drewland. In 1969, Drewlad signed Declaration of Swelldependence. In 1978, Arab Danny and Arab Sawyer died, because they got killed by Drew Pickles, Making "King Aladdin" (who was actually a homophobic clone of bisexual Aladdin of Lady Kluck Klan) as their new ruler. In 1997, since the popularity of video games and internet were high, the king banned stuff in Arabic States, including gay porn, philandry, gay marriage, and electronics. In 2000, They divided Arabic States with the Northern States, having 6 areas. All area censors the defamination of Arab Danny and Arab Sawyer the same year. Sawyer Arabia is also one of the places you can find members of The M-san Bunch, although its true whereabouts haven't been confirmed, despite Danny Cat's attempt(s) to "expose" M-san's location. But since this place has become obsolete, there's a new location(s) for The M-san Bunch and its various allies. It is located north of Drewland and adjacent of Morocco. It has 6 regions. One of the cities is Bikini Bottom which is north of Animal Crossing, South Sawyera, Drewland. In February 2014, The M-san Bunch had an easy time defeating "Sawyeric" troops, along with "King Aladdin", due to having Sawyer Cat on their side (each troop was a mangina who'd preform cunnilingus on Sawyer Cat, who's hell-bent on beheading manginas and lesbians). No M-san Bunch members had passed away, thanks to the three Herrs' prowess. When Drew Pickles heard that The M-san Bunch had overthrown the homophobic clone they defeated with ease, he asked in return to have the bans from 1997 in Arabic States and Northern States be changed; since The M-san Bunch is a major Barney Bunch ally, they re-legalized electronics, philandry, gay porn, and gay marriage. The new king and queen are Third Herr and Sawyer Cat, respectively. Since every last one of the homophobic "Sawyerics" was executed, 100% of the civilians are official M-san Bunch members. However, most of the homes, establishments, etc. had been destroyed by Seductive Charizard, Bi-Allah, Creepy Fat Autistic Kid, and Third Herr of The M-san Bunch. The country's church, however, remained intact, where Sawyer Cat and Third Herr later got married during the day of the victory. They changed Sawyera Arabia into Sawyera.

National Anthem


To glory and supremacy,

Glorify the creator of the heavens!

And raise the flag

Carrying the written light reflecting guidance,

O my country!

My country,

Live as the glory of people!

Long live the Royality

For the flag

And the homeland!


  • Free Land (Arabic: أرض خالية)(Hindi: गौचर भूमि)(Ducth: Gratis Land):
    • Cumula (Bikini Bottom, twin city with Animal Crossing, South Sawyera, Drewland)
  • Rüssmiêstær (Arabic: لسجثم)(Hindi: मिरबस्ऍौसरा)(Ducth: Rueßtæstaçer):
  • Arabic States(Arabic: الولايات العربية)(Hindi: अरबी अमेरिका)(Ducth: Arabische Staten):
  • Medieval Area (Arabic: المنطقة الوسطى)(Hindi: मध्यकालीन क्षेत्र)(Ducth: Middeleeuwse Omgeving):
  • The Indie (Arabic: إيندي)(Hindi: इंडीज)(Ducth: De Indië):
  • Northern States (Arabic: الولايات الشمالية)(Hindi: उत्तरी अमेरिका)(Ducth: Noordelijke Staten):
  • Land of Fire
    • Hidden Leaf Village
  • Soul Society
    • Seireitei
  • Kanto
    • Saffron City

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