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A swell thing to do, we'll show you how!

Sexy Info!

The videos usually begin with some variation of "This is the Secret Missing Episode of (name of show). It was never aired because (some disgusting reason). Warning: You must be at least (ridiculous age, often accompanied with the requirement to do or have done a vulgar act) to watch." The video then introduces a character from the show, who describes his sexual adventures on the show. Usually more characters make their way into the video, and the video almost always includes a "gay orgy" scene.

List of Secret Missing Episodes


Some of the users who have created these Secret Missing Episodes include (ex. username, episode) :

  • BakaSurvivor2102
  • Coonshake
  • crazydude235
  • BagThatWasSwellFilms
  • Pwnisher248
  • GoodOlSwell
  • mrslave100
  • StrawberryBarney
  • Cheacky15
  • DrewPicklesOgre
  • DJSwell69 (Blinky Bill)
  • 95Msan (The Misadventures of Ryback and Khali)