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Sharing Moose (b. 1973), also known as Sharting Moose, due to his sensitive prostate causing him to shart whenever he is butt-fucked, is a member of the Barney Bunch.


He used to star in "Quacky the Duck", until homophobes cancelled the show.


  • Sharing Moose loves fellatio, since his rectum is not needed for him to get really horny.
  • He's listed as a criminal outside of Drewland for assaulting homophobes, especially for homicide records.
  • His best butt buddy is Quacky the Duck.
    • Quacky dislikes how his best butt buddy is bisexual.
      • This also leads into controversies about Sharing Moose raping young women, especially if they are homophobes.
  • Sharing Moose wants to rape Counting Cougar, because she does not want to marry him.
    • She herself is heterosexual, although Sharing Moose hates her for having rejected his proposal for marriage.
  • Sharing Moose is a child murderer, because he strongly resents most children to the point of genocidal urges.
    • Rest assured; children who stay on his good side are exceptions.
  • Sharing Moose has a very high count of total homicides, which happens to be 69,000.
  • Sharing Moose is a member of the He-Man Woman Haters Club, despite being sexually lustful towards women, including both hate-fucking and hate-raping them.


"Mark my words, Westboro Baptist Church; you won't get away with your mind-corrupting ways!"