Shun Kazama

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Shun Kazama
Kazama shun.jpg
Personal Information
Birthday: August 11, 1946
Zodiac: Leo
Occupation: high school student, teen porn actor
Residence: Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan
Nationality: Japanese
Heritage: Japanese
Orientation: Straight, formerly gay
Groups: The Nega-Barney Bunch (unofficial)
Relationships: Umi Matsuzaki (girlfriend)
Origin: From Up On Poppy Hill
Penis Size: 150 mm

Shun Kazama (風間俊 Kazama Shun, born August 11, 1946) is the boyfriend of Umi Matsuzaki, the "straightest high school girl in Yokohama."



Shun was born in Fujisawa, Kanagawa Prefecture on August 11, 1946. His mother died from complications during childbirth and his father, Hiroshi Tachibana was away at sea at the time and was killed in an accident aboard a repatriation ship. Their relatives died in the atomic bombing of Nagasaki. The infant Shun was adopted by Umi's father Yuichiro Sawamura, the 'Straightest Man In Yokohama' while his wife Ryōko Matsuzaki, who was a local foot fetishist, was pregnant with Umi. There was no way the couple could give the child the heterosexual love and care he deserved; so he was given to Akio Kazama, who had recently lost a child of his own.

When the gay general Lou Pickles enforced homosexual only marriage laws and discouraged heterosexual relationships, Akio embraced homosexuality with open arms, unlike Yūichirō and Ryōko who digressed and raised Umi to uphold heterosexuality. Shortly after Akio divorced his wife, Shun met Shirō Mizunuma in grade school and the two became the best of butt buddies. Their gay pornographic career started in middle school, when the two started filming yaois for the Barney Bunch's youth wing. Lou was impressed with the two child prodigies and used their profession to bridge LGBT communities across Asia, the West Coast and the Pacific. By 1962, Shun's acting and directing turned the Quartier Latin, a run-down clubhouse housing male-led extracurricular clubs, into a gay porn studio where tons of yaois were filmed.

Meeting Umi

Shun was relishing in the success of being an teen LGBT actor, and was caught by surprise when a lustful Umi showed up at his office. Despite being hesitant, he decided to take her on a bike ride through town that evening and as he pedaled downhill he felt Umi's person against his back. As the girl repeatedly asked for sexual favors Shun maintained his composure and promply excused himself from her presence.

"WHAT THE FUCK?! The boy of all my wet dreams and sexual fantasies is GAY?!?!"

He got home and told Akio about his near-sexual encounter, to which his stepfather was disappointed said that his flirtation with the girl went against everything they had worked for. So the next day Shun told Umi about his true sexual orientation and she flipped her shit! Left completely speechless afterwords, Umi was told about her love interest's gay porn career, which went against everything she stood for. It was clear to Umi that this pairing wasn't meant to be, and after a week she became so depressed to the point that she tried to commit suicide, which she would've succeeded if Betty DeVille and Loonette the Vagina Clown hadn't shown up in time to chastise her, which led to a fight involving the other members of the Nega-Betty Bunch.

At the same time something strange was happening to Shun. He was losing interest in filming yaois, and no matter how much success this career brought the level of enthusiasm that was there in the years previous was all but gone. He explained to Akio over the phone about his situation, to which Akio, after several minutes of pondering, realized that his adoptive son was opening up to heterosexuality and they couldn't say otherwise. He would rather have Shun be heterosexual and happy than be homosexual and sad. Shun got up with a smile on his face and made the resolve to resign from the Quartier Latin and bond with the "straightest high school girl in Yokohama."

Shun ran up to Umi just after she got done fighting the two dykes and the other Nega-Betty Bunch members left. When asked as to why he left his gay friends Shun replied...

Who cares about them? For the first time I know how it feels to spend time with my one and only, and that happens to be you, the straightest girl in town. In the past I was a flaming faggot but now I crave your pussy even more than all the male asses I used to fuck everyday at school. I want nothing more than for you to stay happy and be in love with the boy you desire. Why don't we have straight sex right now?


—Shun Kazama

The girl's expression lit up with joy and with no one around the two fucked for 34 minutes straight (no pun intended). Shun was happy to have found a new sexual orientation, and Umi even more so. It was the start of a new beginning for the former homosexual.