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Singonias are the song form of Speakonia type videos. They were invented by FireGoron sometime around 2008, and first appeared on YouTube on the channel SexNiggersBlack. They are made using the program Melody Assistant, combined with a MIDI to synthesize vocals over musical notes.


FireGoron got the idea for Singonias after watching a video on Newgrounds called FF Tribute - Chocobo Mix by Legendary Frog, which used a program that synthesized singing text to speech. Since then, FireGoron came across the program Melody Assistant with program Virtual Singer which allowed him to replicate the sound in the video. With this new technology, FireGoron created what he called a "Singonia" and began publishing songs on YouTube.

FireGoron however kept his methods of making Singonias secret for many years, only revealing it to other members of SexNiggersBlack at the time. It wasn't until 2011 did FireGoron finally reveal the secret to making Singonias to timmyt333 and Bakasurvivor2101, who then began making Singonias of their very own. Since then, timmy and Baka were the only Singonia makers (however some others found out how to on their own).

For several years it was controversy as to how Singonia makers were actually making their songs. It was rumored that they manually pitched all of their sounds in Speakonia and put them together with extensive audio editing in order to make it sound like they were singing. However, this was only to mislead interested strangers. Finally, in 2014 FireGoron released a video on his new account FireGoronReturns showing himself making a Singonia in Melody Assistant, finally revealing the secret after many years.

How to make a Singonia

  1. Download Melody Assistant.
  2. Download Audacity (or whatever you want).
  3. Download your video editor of choice.
  4. Download (or create) a MIDI of the song in mind.
  5. Import MIDI into Melody Assistant.
  6. Select the BLACK arrow to the left of a track, hit "Staff with Lyrics" to change instrument to a voice/
  7. Type in a word or syllable for each desired musical note.
  8. Quiet down your other tracks or raise the volume of your vocal track so it doesn't sound like SHIT.
  9. Close and reopen Melody Assistant to keep resetting the Virtual Singer trial.
  10. Record from Stereo Mix in Audacity or whatever.
  11. Render as MP3.
  12. Put it in your video editor of choice and ADD SUBTITLES you faggots.
  13. Render video, put on YouTube.

Singonia vs Vocaloid

It is very common for Singonia artists to dislike Vocaloid. It all stems from FireGoron receiving comments on his earliest Singonia videos from fans of Vocaloid, assuming he was "trying" to emulate Vocaloid but failing hard. FireGoron insisted his videos had nothing to do with that "stupid anime bullshit." Eventually he got quite irritated at the numerous Vocaloid related comments such as "This would be funnier if it were Hatsune Miku" or even "This reminds me of Vocaloid." and since this, FireGoron began purposely bashing fans of Vocaloid, and even Vocaloid itself in his videos, focusing primarily on Hatsune Miku. This has split among several members of the Speakonia Community as some like Vocaloid while others don't. While some admire Vocaloid for what it is, FireGoron has gone on record stating it's a stupid anime cashcow that uses sexualized anime girls to sell software, and that the idea is just as ridiculous as Microsoft making a design for Sam, Mike and Mary and trying to sell their TTS the same way.

Popular Trends in Singonias

  • In some songs, the bass track is also made into a Staff with Lyrics, mostly being ha's.
  • Guitar solos are often made into a Staff with Lyrics and made into ha's with occasional soy's.
  • When there is no lyrics being sung, another instrument is made into a Staff with Lyrics and made to say ha's to fill the gaps.
  • Inserting ha's or soy's into lyrics to extend them or make them rhyme, for instance, "Come here little boy, and I'll rape you like ha ha soy."
  • Using a guitar solo as a rape scene due to it's high speed notes allowing for several syllables.

Notable Singonia Artists