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Sveløya is a really swell island resided by Danish and Norweigian Barney Bunch members. It is an island to the southwest of Drewland. Their main language is actually English. Reason is because Drew Pickles' Irish ancestors tried to conquer it before the vikings had time to get near it. Eventually, both teams came to the island, and the vikings successfully named it Sveløya. Eventually, the Irish, Norwegians, and Danish people that lived on this island started to make families, and that's why we have Drew Pickles today! This island is one of the only swell islands in the world. The capital is Gåborg. Three other big gay cities include Homofiligen, Kjeldsville, and New Fagroe. Danish and Norwegians have a lot of value in Drewland.

Known residents

- Morten
- Ulfric Stormcloak
- The Angry Norwegian Kid
- Den Kokk
- The Twisted Candy Viking
- Leif Ericson