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10th Anniversary Incoming!!!!!

The year is 2014. Next year is 2015. The Barney Bunch started in 2005. The BB will turn 10 next year! This is a very important milestone. Something big needs to happen. VERY BIG. And very swell.

But FIRST, we need to recruit more members!!! We need this community to grow! Then maybe, the Barney Bunch will have another golden age... What do you guys think should happen for the 10th anniversary?

Talking to some of the peeps in OSS and SDT, they sound tired all the time. Q_Q Unsure what to do. I think it requires studying what made the previous Golden Age so great. I think it was mostly variety. Drew Pickles is great, and I'm probably beating a dead horse by saying so, but the videos are a tad repetitive (everyone says this in skype).
If I had to give one suggestion though, for a 10th anniversary, have all the main players of the past (Drew, Sonic, Tony Little, etc.) come back for one big ol' swell vidya. Not limiting it to BB, but having everyone, such as members of the Pube Gang. Perhaps if I inquired within, I could get some of the people in OSS together for such. I even have NintendoMaster in contact, and he's always willing to make a good PM video.--~Mike5449~(Contact) 02:38, 14 November 2014 (UTC)


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In Regards to the Spam

Just did some extra looking into on the spam deal. Here's what I came up with... (Be warned, this is slightly long.)

I first checked our help pages for anything that could improve our martial law settings (in other words, revoking the edit/page creation rights from the guest user group). Unfortunately, that proved impossible unless we want to make the wiki private, or make it a school wiki. Since I couldn't exactly find what this entails (probably because I'm lazy and/or didn't look enough), I deemed it out of the question.

Next, I checked Help:Spam for a solution and this gave me a lot more insight. There are two key extensions which are mentioned. I checked into both (ConfirmEdit and SimpleAntiSpam) and then looked into what our wiki has installed via Special:Version. SimpleAntiSpam (SAS) and ConfirmEdit (CE) are both installed under our spam prevention. These are both geared towards spam bots in particular, and both CE and SAS seem to be working, especially if SAS is merged with the system, and CE is preinstalled.

I also looked into the irrelevant/spam articles after deletion and skimmed through. Most seem like advertisements or news posts set up automatically by some type of spam bot. However, this shouldn't be the case if the extensions are working properly. So I looked into the timestamps. These tend to be spaced by roughly 10-40 minutes apart, which could mean these are hand-typed/gathered, and intervals don't seem particularly consistent.

This leads me to two different possibilities...

  • Either that the anti-spam, either CE and/or SAS, is defective. Which could be the case, and easily fixable.
  • The spam is put up by actual humans, or a single human with a proxy to allow for more than one IP address (Robin Hood?) and therefore can easily bypass the spam prevention.

If the first is the case, then the systems merely need revision, but the evidence suggests the latter, in which case the best we can do at this time is either convert to a private or school wiki, which, again, seems out of the question, or continue to delete these added articles and the associated IP addresses.

Thoughts? Questions? Comments? Responses? --~Mike5449~(Contact) 23:43, 9 December 2014 (UTC)