The Humongous Bunch

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The Humongous Bunch are unswell enemies of the Barney Bunch. A person must have 5000-mile long cocks and be gayer then Drew Pickles and Yogi Bear combined in order to join.


Do Not Join

These are the people who tried to join but can't join:

  • Drew Pickles (his cock is 300-miles long, they used to have 301-mile or longer, but they changed it to 5000-mile or longer rule. Even if he has a 302-mile cock, he can't join.)
  • Pube Muppet (his cock is smaller than Drew pickles and is not allowed to have satisfaction.)
  • Yogi Bear (he has a 4000-mile long cock. They changed it to 5000-mile or longer to join and impersonated him, which caused Yogi to get mad at them.)
  • Danny Cat (his cock is small. He couldn't join because he is a heterosexual, has raped a female, and a homophobe.)
  • Betty Deville (she is a female, a member of The BettyBunch, and a lesbian. They also kill females.)
  • Sawyer Cat (she is a female, a heterosexual, has raped a male, and a homophobe. They also kill females.)
  • Pawyer Cat (for no reason, even though he has a 12345 mile-long cock and is gayer than Drew Pickles and Yogi Bear, they let him become thier allies unlike other people who can't join.)
  • The Painter (Turned them down.)
  • Chuck E Cheese (For loosing 300 pounds)
  • Zavok (Turned them down)
  • Zor (He found them unable to give enough pain to people.)

Their Pornos

We can't list their pornos on this wiki for safety reason because mentioning them can cause seizures, headaches, AIDS, explosive diarrhea, puking, severe pain, suicidal thoughts and/or death. You must have over 9000 doctors all times while watching their pornos and/or playing their fucked up games.

Former Members