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The M-san Bunch is one of the Barney Bunch's most iconic allies. After a few days/weeks of being known on the Barney Bunch Swellest Wikia, which is now long gone, others started to take note of said Bunch and even acknowledge them! Some of the members consist of M-san (pronounced M-saun), Creepy Fat Autistic Kid, and the Bisexual Blastoise. During April 2013, they got a wiki on Wikia, but Maid Marian and Danny Cat got it closed (on Dec. 26, 2013), or so they say who was involved. Despite that, they seem to have some of their members also among the Barney Bunch, like Salem.

Notable Members

  • Mark "M-san" Krieg
  • Mrs. Ginger Krieg (Anthropomorphic Garchomp)
  • Raio and Raia Blitz Krieg (Twins)
  • Elliot Fernando Krieg
  • Taylor Otohime (One of the Strongest Members)

Who were originally M-san Bunch members, but now in The Barney Bunch (or both)?

  • Salem, but later rejoined the M-san Bunch when Scheherazade tried to avoid stressing him out.
  • Tao Pai Pai (possibly)

Who were originally Barney Bunch members, but now in The M-san Bunch (or both)?

  • Major Bedhead
  • Snicklefritz
  • Creepy Fat Autistic Kid
  • Creepy Retarded Kid




Around August 2014, both the M-san Bunch and Multi-Bunch Shout-Wikis were taken down. Since then, only this Shout-Wiki is left for M-san Bunch data...