The Phantom

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The Phantom was a MAJOR enemy to the Barney Bunch. He was one of the guards at Rainbow Road. He was a member of the Censored BunchWaternoose Incorporated, the Rusty Group, the '80s Clan, and the Country-and-Western Crew. He was also a big ally of the Nega-Barney Bunch. His job was to eliminate the Sky King as soon as possible and turn every single Sky King Fireworks store in Drewland into Phantom Fireworks stores. His best friend was the Straight King, and if a Barney Bunch member destroys a Phantom Fireworks store or a Burger King, then three McDonalds restaurants and five Sky King Fireworks stores in Drewland will be destroyed. He was one of the most dangerous members of the Censored Bunch and Waternoose Incorporated. He wanted the Barney Bunch destroyed, along with The Betty Bunch, The M-san Bunch (he want this group eliminated), The Nonsexist Bunch, The TVLF, The Lady Kluck Klan, The Humongous Bunch, and The Pube Gang. He was also a big hater of grunge. Thankfully, he was slain by Kisuke Urahara of the M-san Bunch. The Phantom Fireworks stores had also been demolished by The M-san Bunch, because First Herr knew that he was no longer a dire threat to his allies.