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The Village Boiz is a super-swell grunge band in Drewland. They first formed on December 26, 1989, and had their first gig in the Tivoli of Drewland on October 6, 1991. They are well-known for making grunge remakes of famous Village People songs, as well as ultra-swell songs about gay sex. They performed at almost every venue in Drewland and they became the third-most popular grunge band in Drewland (behind Nirvana and Soakism). Their famous cover of YMCA was made in 1993 and they became popular for that song. The song was played on every radio station in Drewland from 1994-1996. It's still being played today as the state song of Barneychusetts.

Band Members

  • Shipwreck (lead singer)
  • Bob The Builder (backing vox, guitar)
  • John Marston (backing vox, guitar) (Member from 1989-1993)
  • Colton White (backing vox, guitar) (Replaced John Marston after John was murdered by the Straight King on June 13, 1993)
  • PC Plum (bass)
  • The Crying Indian (bass) (Member from 1989-1999)
  • Francis (L4D) (drums)
  • Screech (bass) (Replaced The Crying Indian after his death in early 1999)


Member Photos