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Vixey was the unswell "Führer der Female M-san Bunch". When she heard that Todd is gay, and that he also joined The Barney Bunch, Vixey regretted being heterosexual. She helps The Betty Bunch to get rid of the Barney Bunch, because they're males who burn the doughnut. Her girlfriends were Female Drew Pickles, Betty DeVille and Nega Sawyer Cat. She may not be as German as "Führer der M-san Bunch", but her role as a leader had been established, since the real Führer der M-san Bunch is impossible to clone; even if it could happen, Tigger and his "troops" of the Barney/M-san Bunch would take him or her out if said clone was not ! She also hates masturbation, since she feels left out whenever her "mates" attempt said action. Her heart does reach out to the Nega M-san Bunch, (mind you) not in a romantic way. However, Scheherazade (and pictures of her), despite being a heterosexual M-san Bunch member, makes her very horny and wet! She really likes to be with Danny Cat, since both of them have common enemies. Recently, Vixey had been persuaded to be heterosexual once again, as well as anti-gay. Her history of how she was a carpet munching vixen back in the Kunoichi Bunch days doesn't help ease her mind. She likes to help Maid Marian to protect Danny Cat from philandry. She also like to wear Maid Marian's costume.